Reflections after Editorial Board meeting 13 July 2017

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I will wait for the minutes for the detail of the meeting, but wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined today. You can find the agenda here, and though we did not go through it in exactly that order we did cover most of what we needed.

The best part was working with people. The meeting was called for 1200. I was there in Gibbs 5.37 (sweet old style teaching room). Liz was there. Dominic was there.  Simon was in Adobe Connect.

Then between 1200 and about 1220 was arrival and faffing with the technology (which was almost OK on the day, but not entirely! Sweet old style teaching room strikes back. Note to self. Get a HDMI to VGA dongle).  Mary, Anne, Richard, Didi and Agi came in. Mary went out to get her phone which had been left at the last meeting. Dominic had to go at 1.00 p.m.

So we focussed first on those who arrived first. Dominic was concerned with copy editing and we elaborated a process. Liz has stepped up. We discussed many processes, and in sequence copyediting does come later in the cycle. Throughout the meeting I hopped up and down between computers trying to demo the actual website and almost getting away with it from time to time. The publishing system will allow some ease of use. At the moment the editors, George, Mary, Didi and Peter are beginning to learn how to work with a customised WordPress based publishing platform to get the work-flow from end to end as smooth as we can. We have issue dates and meeting dates going a year forward into even 18-19.

But as I said the best part was working with people. We were gracious but also open to being teased good naturedly in back channels and face-to-face. Richard learned what a “Wonk” is.

I am chagrined that we do not yet have 1.1 out. Our intention is to go with what we have: 2 reviews, 2 articles (maybe 3) and a editorial yet to be written! By the end of this month. Deadline for the next (1.2, edited by Didi?) about 31 October for publishing in early Feb ’18. Deadline for next (editor Mary), March ’18 for May/June ’18.

Lots more to report in time, but it started to feel like a crew, a band, an enterprise, definitely an undertaking and a group coalescing to do it. That was fun!

Let’s do it again soon.


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